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Lecture at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University, in Prague, Czechia
School children sitting in the shade of an orchard in Bamozai, near Gardez, Paktya Province, Afghanistan
Student participants in the FIRST Robotics Competition, Washington, D.C.

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include teaching, training, storytelling, discussion and directed research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, however learners can also educate themselves.[1] Education can take place in formal or informal settings and any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. The methodology of teaching is called pedagogy.

Formal education is commonly divided formally into such stages as preschool or kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and then college, university, or apprenticeship.

A right to education has been recognized by some governments and the United Nations.[2] In most regions, education is compulsory up to a certain age. There is a movement for education reform, and in particular for evidence-based education.


Etymologically, the word "education" is derived from the Latin word ("A breeding, a bringing up, a rearing") from ("I educate, I train") which is related to the homonym ("I lead forth, I take out; I raise up, I erect") from ("from, out of") and ("I lead, I conduct").[3]

Historical Madrasah in Baku, Azerbaijan
Nalanda, ancient centre for higher learning
Plato's academy, mosaic from Pompeii

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